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Whether its a support order, child custody or visitation rights case in Buffalo, The Law Firm of Riordan & Scalione is here to help you. A breakup of a family can be a complex situation; therefore, it requires an experienced family law attorney in Buffalo, NY to help you through the difficulties of your situation.  We will make sure that you and your children get what you deserve.  But we also understand that a family matter involving your child can be highly emotional and stressful even under the best possible circumstances.  We understand that family law matters can be a very stressful time for your family.  That's why we guarantee that our office will not only provide excellent legal counsel, but also compassion.  We will listen.  We want to hear your story.   


We also know that your children are the most important people to you in this world.  We can help you with custody and visitation.  We can also help you to understand how child support works in New York State.


Family law matters comes in all shapes and sizes. The relationship between the parting spouses varies widely. Many times, we can negotiate a highly favorable agreement for our clients without ever setting foot inside a courtroom.  But if court intervention becomes necessary to achieve the very best result for you, we will be there with you even through a trial if that is what it takes.  Moreover, if you would prefer to explore mediation, we can guide you through that process as well. Going through a family breakup is a very trying time and the Law Firm of  Riordan & Scalione is here to help you.

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